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Question About 432Hz & Harmonizing with the Vibration of the Universe

(Q&A transcript)

(Q) There is an article online that talks about 432Hz and said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the Universe. Studies reveal that 432hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. They are suggesting to harmonize with the 432Hz so you resonate and harmony with nature. Do you have any input on that?

(Peter) Yeah, there is nothing as powerful as the 41 tones, that is available on Many of One. You just can’t do it with one frequency.

That’s why it’s a solar system and every one of those tones available on Many of One is the restored solar system. It’s not what it currently is; it is restored. Sun is the same, but everything else is slightly different.

And if you ask yourself the question, how come we have twelve planets? Well, the reason is we need all that vibrational support so that’s why you have the forty one tons.

(Q) OK. If you listen to the 41 tones, what that’s that do to you?

(Peter) It harmonizes the external parts of yourself completely in that you only have to do it for ninety one consecutive days and then you will be re-harmonized.

If you feel like doing it longer go ahead, but it takes a ninety one days to reconfigure yourself and initially some of the forty one tones will actually be not pleasant. And that’s because they’re harmonizing you.

(Q) OK so then once I’m harmonized, does that mean my body is in balance?

(Peter) It means it’s more in balance. The body is very complex; you have electrical signals you have stored up activity from your mental body, your physical body, your spiritual body and your emotional body. It’s very complex and so…some of that will be harmonized away but you have to use other techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, massage, sweat baths, etc.; your inner knowing will tell you exactly what to do.

That’s one of the reasons. It’s so important to connect with your inner knowing because everybody is different. Everybody is magnificent, but the only way to connect with your own magnificence is through your own inner knowing.

Nobody knows what’s best for you, except you. Anybody that tells you that they know what’s best for you just be very polite and go the other way. Only you know what’s best for you.

(Q) Exactly! I agree with you one hundred and ten percent there.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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