The Endless Process of ONE

PS = Profound Step (click on the graphic above to enlarge) Profound Steps (PS): PS0 – Uniqueness in ONE PS1 – Quickening PS2 – Awareness PS3 – Self-Awareness PS4 – Peace PS5 – Harmony PS6 – Intending Experience PS7 – Sine Wave / 64 Soles PS8 – Perfection PS9 – Potential PS10 – Pure LOVE

All About IRS In 1933, three American Nazis – Helen and E. Clifton Barton and Lawrence Echevarria, incorporated the Internal Revenue Tax and Audit service as a private Delaware corporation, for the purpose of establishing a monopoly tax collection agency on behalf of the government. Tax money was covertly conduited to Germany to fund the Nazi military

NESARA Overview Education With Daryl Frech Inside Look Into Farm Claims Program / National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) Get an inside look into how the Farm Claims Program started and how it was designed to bankrupt the USA CORPORATION and the Federal Reserve in order to transfer power back to the citizens of the United States. Daryl