Energy Based Healing and Antimatter Based Healing

Many of One Radio Show: Energy Based Healing vs. Antimatter Based Healing (Audio)


Question about Energy Healing,  Intent & Harmony

(Q&A transcript)

(Q) I would imagine there are a number of people in the call that are energy healers as I am, and I work with Reiki.  I’ve been doing it for seventeen, eighteen years and teaching it for twelve.  One of the things on your pages you talk about the intend and harmony, PS6, together, and it’s a hundred percent more effective than working with energy. So, my inner knowing is asking me to find out, how I can be more effective as an energy healer beside intention.  I’ve always said most Reiki masters set the intention to be used as a conduit or vessel for healing and in order to do that, we have to keep our vibration very high.  Does it make sense?

(Peter) It makes sense, but the intent we are talking about is, once a day, one time, “I Intend PS5 Harmony, Anti-Matter”.  I Intend PS5 Harmony, Anti-Matter.  Now, intend that’s very different than Reiki.  Reiki is based on the last two super cycles; that’s based on the last two hundred and fifty (250) super cycles so by tying it into “I Intend PS5 Harmony, Anti-matter”, you’re going back two hundred and fifty super cycles and using that harmony and using anti-matter, and there is nothing stronger any place.

That is a hundred times, not percent, 100 times more effective than energy based healing.  And energy based healing is amazing, but as you get better and better with Intent, which came about in PS6, and you intend backwards to PS5, and you use antimatter simply by saying, then you are instead of operating energetically you are operating energetically, plus Intent and so instead of one times effectiveness, whatever you are, that’s one time, you are two hundred and one time in potential effectiveness.

Now, that takes practice, it takes very strong visualization, but that’s what it takes; Practice and very strong visualization.

(Q) Thank you.  I have not heard “antimatter” before; I didn’t see it on your website before.  Alright, the visualization; what are we, as energy healers, what are we to visualize?  Because what I’m doing now, the PS5, “I Intend PS5 Harmony”, and I intend harmony four times, and I’m doing that and I’m doing what you said to do.  So now I just include just state this once or say it?  I’m going to do it , and I get it, and I own it, I memorized It.  So I say, “I Intend PS5 Harmony”?

(Peter) Don’t memorize it.  You are using your head.  Use your heart.  Use your LOVE.  Just be.  Make it part of your being.  And so you say but you are using your heart when you are saying this.  “I Intend PS5 Harmony / Antimatter” or comma (,) Antimatter.  And what you’re doing is you’re working with the quantum’s but you are instructing them to be in the form of antimatter, rather than a form of matter.  And since that is our, what we are used to, antimatter environments, that is why it is more effective.  So, say it with your heart, you only have to say it once, and then when you say “I intend harmony” four times, you are automatically converting the quantum ‘s to antimatter, and they are being more effective by factors of two (2).

So intent based healing is more effected by a factor of a hundred and then when you add antimatter, you are adding a factor of two so the hundred becomes two hundred and that’s compared to energy, and I’m not belittling the energy at all.  Energy is fantastic, but intent -based healing is even more amazing.  And as practice and as we get getter to visualizing the quantum’s, it becomes more effective.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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