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Inner Knowing


In the past couple weeks we’ve discussed the importance of emotions and having those mastered, so that we don’t block love, PS10 LOVE, pure love; and ego, not having a weak ego, or big ego or strong ego but ego strength, and ego strength really means doing the right thing at the right time, always, both in words and actions. No watering down, no procrastination just boom – and always loving.

So we’ve been discussing the importance of those two factors for anybody interested in the sending and/or centering and/or climbing up Mount Magnificent. Now this past week has been really rather remarkable, in it several people who are regular listeners of the show are breaking through to their inner knowing and once you break through to your inner knowing, you also start to access the knowing field which has been with us since PS0, since a thousand super cycles.

The thousands of cycles covered by this website, Many of One, creation is only existed for the last two super cycles. So what happened during the other nine hundred ninety eight, leading up to these last two. Well that’s all explained on Many of One. Inner knowing was developed during PS6, profound step six, which was Intent; and several of you are starting to use your inner knowing. So much so that all the e-mail lists that were sending out special updates has been dissolved and your inner knowing will inform you when there’s something new, either on the lead section which the essence/ summary of all the information on Many of One; three hundred seventy five webpages or the eleven webpages that are Socratic and are most important.

So it really boils down now to one section and eleven other webpages and there are other Socratic webpages for those of you who want additional information, the links on the original webpages are over in most cases a decade old. So they no longer are working, some of them, and so if you have the impulse or curiosity to look quote was posted, starting in December of two thousand three. Once in a while links no longer work. That’s absolutely good because really everything you need for ascension is a first section and the eleven webpages.

Many of one is the website that is here for ONE. It is here for everybody listening to this broadcast, whether live or the archive. It is for us. That’s what it’s called Many of One or all many and where all part of the one in the disco ball; picture that the ball is LOVE and each facet on the surface is our individual magnificent. We are all equal. We are all magnificent, but you’d really have to go back nine hundred super cycles to understand how that happened, and then come forward and then understand the last two super cycles in the context of the thousands recovered on Many of One.

So it boils down to emotions must be mastered and because they block LOVE. It’s really simple. Ego must be transcended whether it’s partial week ego, partial big ego, partial strong ego must be mastered and become ego strength and ego strength simply says we do the right thing at the right time. Always, and we don’t hesitate and we don’t water down, and so we are loving whether its words, words, actions.

So that the third aspect writing to that is inner knowing and those who want to see were inner knowing kicked in, it kicked in in PS6 (Profound Step Six). So we were seven hundred and fifty super cycles already through; the thousand covered and it’s during that time, the inner knowing was developed.

Now, inner knowing and Socratic really were kind of development at the same time, and inner knowing is sixteen times easier to learn than talking. So, if you took five years to really learn to talk with the complete vocabulary, expect less than or up to four months, and that’s only for people that are hearing the words “inner knowing” for the first time. Those who have been on the calls know about inner knowing and the importance of inner knowing and as I mentioned earlier it was very, very apparent that this week, many people are breaking through and using their inner knowing. And that’s allowed us to eliminate all the email list and just say that that section on the first webpage two thousand fourteen home, the essence / summary in the eleven webpages will have been updated quite a bit this week, but there has been noted in notification and the reason is it so important to trust your inner knowing and this is a great place to practice.

In most cases, even if the words are the same, which would not be the case with half the eleven webpages, but even the words are the same, you probably see something that you didn’t see before or didn’t register before. And in many cases you will see new words, new information. Now, an example is the word antimatter. Antimatter appears in this section, yes, in summary section that also appears in healing section. So there are two places where it appears and personally I have experienced a doubling in the effectiveness of healing, just by adding the word “antimatter”. And that concept, now antimatter is what we normally use. It’s unusual, and we did it for duality; had matter quantum’s. Normally there are antimatter quantum’s. Well, you can tie yourself into PS5 Harmony, (comma) Antimatter, and so all you have to do is say it once each day and whatever your healing effectiveness is, it will increase by factor of two; so really valuable information.

Most of the information now is complete and is simply a matter of being the master of our emotions being the master of our ego, which is ego strength and using our inner knowing. So one, two, three. Not simple. Not easy. But very much focused. Emotions, Ego, Inner Knowing.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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