LOVE is a Force

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LOVE is a Force


Love is a force that has existed since PS10.

The foundation of love is PS5, Harmony, and we didn’t have vibrations until PS17, two super cycles ago.

So LOVE’s been around for a long time, Harmony even longer and they are beyond vibration where you could think of them as a force. And then within creation, which is only the last two super cycles, two out of thousand covered on the website.

The quantum’s vibrate at LOVE; that’s their natural vibrational frequency, LOVE; so that’s how love is transferred into the creation, except for now. Once you become master of your ego, you are love incarnate, and you are adding love to within the creation by the strength of your being.

When you raise your vibrations and are able to maintain one hundred percent. You no longer block love; love, the portals to love is the heart and when we cover our portal with un-mastered vibrations we block LOVE. It is why the twenty third Psalm talks about lay down beside still waters; still waters are mastered emotions.

So very precisely, un- mastered emotions block LOVE, even if you are loving. Because love is a force, and in that force can be blocked by un-mastered emotions.

Now, somebody might say, well, why bother? Why do we have emotions? The answer is to experience Joy. We can experience Joy with master emotions as a higher degree than in non-energetic system. We only have been in energetic system for two of the last one thousand super cycles.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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