New Earth and Endless Transformation

Many of One Radio Show: Are We On New Earth? (Audio)


Question about New Earth

(Q&A transcript)

(Q) Are we currently on the new Earth? or are we going to go to the new Earth?

(Peter) We are on the new Earth.

Just like things are definitely changing for yourself, things are definitely changing for Earth.  And so as we transform, Earth is transforming.

(Q) So going into our heart space, and into our sacred inner knowing, by doing our medication and all of these suggestions in mastering our emotions and ego and all those things, we are centering ourselves to this same vibrational state that Terra (Earth) is.  Correct?

(Peter) Correct.

So as Terra moves to the center of the universe and becomes the heart chakra of all creation, we will be matching our vibration by having that in our own individual selves, is that right?

Right. And it’s also the quickening, which started in PS0 will never stop. That’s ourselves, Terra, and everything; will work in harmony.  Exactly.  It’s all built into the system.

Keep increasing the Photon layers.  Every once in a while will increase the numbering system of creation from 20 to 40, 40 to 60, 60 to 80, and it all keeps in sync with the ever increasing quickening, which started as PS1.

So everything is synchronized.  Everything is harmonious.  And only really problems that we have are Ego which blocks LOVE, by preventing us from becoming part of Pure Mature LOVE and Emotions which block pure LOVE, which has been with us since PS10, or 950 super cycles into this 1000 that are covered by Many of One.

We are endless beings.  We are endless beings.  The last thousand super cycles of our endless beginning is covered by Many for One.  Many of us are still trying to put ourselves into the last two super cycles, which is when we started creation and that’s just…can’t be done.  We are endless beings, and so we are not 10 years old or 23 years old or 70 years old.  We are endless and we are magnificent and we are love.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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