This 20th Ascension

Many of One Radio Show: About this 20th Ascension (Audio) Question about the 20th Ascension (Q&A transcript) (Q) I just think it’s so interesting how you talk about, how we are on Pleiades last. And we’ve been doing this for a while; at least about twenty times? (Peter) Correct, this is number 20.  And we […]

New Earth and Endless Transformation

Many of One Radio Show: Are We On New Earth? (Audio) Question about New Earth (Q&A transcript) (Q) Are we currently on the new Earth? or are we going to go to the new Earth? (Peter) We are on the new Earth. Just like things are definitely changing for yourself, things are definitely changing for […]

432Hz and Harmonizing with Powerful 41 Tones

Many of One Radio Show: About 41 Tones (Audio) Question About 432Hz & Harmonizing with the Vibration of the Universe (Q&A transcript) (Q) There is an article online that talks about 432Hz and said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the Universe. Studies reveal that 432hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean […]

LOVE is a Force

Many of One Radio Show: About LOVE (Audio) LOVE is a Force (transcript) Love is a force that has existed since PS10. The foundation of love is PS5, Harmony, and we didn’t have vibrations until PS17, two super cycles ago. So LOVE’s been around for a long time, Harmony even longer and they are beyond […]

Inner Knowing

Many of One Radio Show: About Inner Knowing (Audio) Inner Knowing (transcript) In the past couple weeks we’ve discussed the importance of emotions and having those mastered, so that we don’t block love, PS10 LOVE, pure love; and ego, not having a weak ego, or big ego or strong ego but ego strength, and ego […]

The Endless Process of ONE

PS = Profound Step (click on the graphic above to enlarge) Profound Steps (PS): PS0 – Uniqueness in ONE PS1 – Quickening PS2 – Awareness PS3 – Self-Awareness PS4 – Peace PS5 – Harmony PS6 – Intending Experience PS7 – Sine Wave / 64 Soles PS8 – Perfection PS9 – Potential PS10 – Pure LOVE […]