This 20th Ascension

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Question about the 20th Ascension

(Q&A transcript)

(Q) I just think it’s so interesting how you talk about, how we are on Pleiades last. And we’ve been doing this for a while; at least about twenty times?

(Peter) Correct, this is number 20.  And we do it about once every 5 million years.

(Q) This is really intriguing to me.

(Peter) Well, and this is the Super Ball of all Super Balls.  This one.

(Q) Is this the most exciting time in creation?

(Peter) And, most exciting moment in last thousand super cycles.

Creation is only two of those super cycles.  What about the other 998?  Well, this is the most exciting moment when you include all these also and basically what we are going to have is endlessly forward, we are going to have loving experiences.

Now, there are twists and turns, will still take place, veils will still be used, but experiences will be loving.

And if you want to live in your same DNA template for million years, you can do that.  No more birth, no more death, no more situations with less than full health.  No more aging. It’s awesome.  It is.

(Q) I also remember you saying there are kids born after a certain date are coming but with no karmic veils.

(Peter) Right.  Well, we started to step it down as of the harmonic convergence, which was August twenty fifth nineteen eighty seven and then pretty much after two thousand three it was…we want to be here during this major event and so you know it’s not definite.  It’s gradual.   But started in August of eighty seven, and pretty much was flat lined by two thousand.  Really. about two thousand.

Excerpt from Many of One Radio Show on July 8, 2014
by Peter Olson & Anne DeHart
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