Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart

144,000 People on this Planet
Cohesively Holding the High Light & Sound Frequencies
Can Achieve the Critical Mass Needed
To Transform the Planet
It will Begin a Chain Reaction that Cannot Be Stopped

Many spiritual leaders continue to share about the importance of 144,000 high conscious beings on the planet at this transformative time, creating the necessary critical mass to effect positive change for Earth and Humanity.

Sounds of Oneness, through Marco Missinato, is announcing the creation of a series of divinely timed live concerts.  At these live concert events and via online video streaming, we will connect through the heart and raise the energetic frequency of 144,000+ participants electromagnetic fields with a high-resonance orchestration of Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart.

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert Series

Immerse yourself in the divine feminine energy of this Unfolding Secrets music video. Composer Marco Missinato’s melody and Soprano Vocalist Kristin Hoffmann’s vocals will captivate your heart and draw you into a musical journey through enchanting scenery, beautiful images of sacred geometry and awaken within you a symphony of love, peace, grace, passion, and Oneness with All.

Join 144,000 Open Hearts: http://www.symphonyoftheheart.com/

Unfolding Secrets
by Marco Missinato & Kristin Hoffmann