World Bank Lawyer Reveals Lies, Corruption & Control

“We Need To Wake Up” – Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes, a Yale Law School graduate and former Senior Counsel at the World Bank for 20 years reveals startling secret about lies, corruption & control by the global elite and Jesuit in the Vatican. They use institutions and mega-corporations such as Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlements & IRS to control wealth, people, and governments of the world.

Ms. Hudes “followed the money” and discovered that tax dollars collected by IRS, for example, go to Vatican & Bank of England instead of American people. JFK and Lincoln were assassinated because they tried to eliminate this scheme for the American people, she says.  The mainstream media is owned and controlled by the elites to systematically lie to us and cover up the truth.  According to Ms. Hudes, we are all “bamboozled” and ripped off by the thugs controlled by the global elite and Jesuit in the Vatican.

Interviewer, Greg Hunter:

Karen Hudes: